In 2017, Costa Rica met 99.35% of its energy demand using renewable resources – an encouraging percentage, well on its way to meet the country’s objective of becoming 100% carbon neutral by 2021.

This result is all the more significant because the country’s economy is largely driven by tourism – an economic sector that usually leaves a very high environmental impact due to its carbon-intensive activities.

An abundance of renewable resources combined with responsible energy policies have led to the rise of Costa Rica as a veritable symbol of sustainable development. But what truly led the way for this transformation was the capacity of the people to adopt a green lifestyle, leaving a historical footprint and not a carbon one.

The Project

Trails is an audio-visual adventure through the landscape and culture of Costa Rica,  tracing the footprints of sustainability as a way of living.  The stories that we want to tell show that the quest for a pure connection with Nature, without leaving an impact, can open doors to a new way of discovering the pleasures of travel, sport, adventure and enjoyment.

They will bring to life the liberty of the surfing lifestyle, the minimalistic renaissance of people behind the eco-sustainable agriculture movement and the meticulous care involved in coral gardening. Whether small or big, these stories leave their mark in the world without leaving a carbon footprint. They are therefore curated for our aptly titled short film, Trails.

But the projet goes even further. The real goal is to in fact make Trails the first zero-impact video, produced entirely in an eco-sustainable way. As a part of this endeavour, in addition to genuine storytelling, we intend to work on a meta-narrative level with exclusive behind-the-scenes images and a rundown of how all the elements of the project have been designed to be eco-sustainable. This high-quality visual content along with a selection of the most relevant stories from Costa Rica will constitute the second part of Trails, a docu-series of several episodes on the theme of eco-sustainable living.

In other words, Trails is a story within a story  that treats the green world not only as a subject matter but also as an unprecedented narrative method that is a product of a one-of-a-kind experiment in its genre.

VroomMate & Wow Tapes

Trails wants to go beyond simply narrating sustainability. It wants to live it in all its forms. To do this, it is vital to find the right travelling companions,

VroomMate is the home-grown brainchild of a collective of creative professionals who are also the co-creators of Trails. Inspired by the minimalism of the Tiny House Movement, VroomMate presents a new vision for eco-sustainable living and working on the road,  with minimal waste of energy resources. The team has converted an old school-bus into a mobile work-and-living station to enable creative professionals, sportspeople and artisits to develop mobile projects in real time. Everything was conceived in an entirely eco-friendly way – the set up was built using recycled waste material and intensive research is undertaken for alternative power supply systems.

VroomMate is not only Trail’s travel partner but will also be one of the first stories included in the video – one of the first footprints of sustainable development.

As for Wow Tapes, we are creative video agency that captures wow moments on digital tapes. Trails is the most recent addition to a long list of visual storytelling projects for clients from around the world. You can find all our work here.

Trails – Sustaining sustainibility

In today’s digital world, content marketing is the biggest opportunity to share the brand story by increasing brand partners in terms of the public and business relations. The primary requirements for the success of an initiative of this kind are the quality of the content and their ability to put forward brand values without being perceived as publicity messaging.

The Trails project has all the makings to be a trend topic online.

The theme of sustainability is more central today than ever before. Trails shares it in an original way, highlighting not so much its ideological and scientific aspects but the experiential and concrete ones, far from the spotlight of activism, but way closer to the core values of people.

We wish to collaborate with you as our initiative partner because we would require financial and technical support to undertake the project and upgrate the equipment of VroomMate.

What do we offer?

The role of initiative partner, with all the associated benefits:

  • Credits in all the audiovisuals of the Trails project
  • Sharing rights for all your digital platforms of the short film Trails, the first part of the project
  • Sharing rights for all your digital platforms of the documentary episodes, the second part of the project
  • Selection of images and video clips for your social media platforms
  • Press media campaign and related content
  • Social media campaign and related content

We are ready to embark on this journey.

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